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Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Did Not Receive The Complaint I Ordered or Did Not Receive Download Instructions?

Answer:Complaints are not sent automatically, even after you have paid for them. Instead, you will receive an e-mail containing download instructions by an electronic e-mail. If you did not receive the e-mail containing download instructions, be sure to check your Spam Filter and/or your mail service – some are set to reject electronic messages – yours may be one of them. If so, you will not receive the download instructions in your normal e-mail. Again, be sure to check your "Spam" folder and/or your "Trash" folder to see if the download instructions have ended up there before you contact us. Next, if you did not find the download instructions then contact webmaster@lawsuitstoday.com. Next, if you have not received download instructions or the PDF of the Complaint within 24 hours, fax us at (615) 255-6289 making sure to include the Case Number (e.g. C-1234) that you have ordered and include your phone and fax number.

How can I purchase reports if I am not a member of PayPal?

Answer: You do not have to have a PayPal account to make online purchases with your major credit card or bank check. PayPal simply acts as our payment processor. We use PayPal because they are the largest and most trusted payment processor in the online community. PayPal members have the additional payment option of making an account transfer instead of using credit cards or checks.

Why should I want a Complaint in a newly-filed lawsuit?

Answer: Because journalists need to talk to the lawyer who filed the case, they need to know who filed the lawsuit and what it's about. By reading the actual Complaint, a journalist better understands the dispute and can ask the right questions. Journalists get inside information quickly this way.

What Good is a Special Report?

Our Special Reports are intended to assist attorneys who handle the type of cases which the Special Report addresses. Non-attorneys may find them educational, but if you’re not an attorney, remember that the cases included in a Special Report are not necessarily representative of all like cases.

Aren’t Court Opinions Long and Boring?

Sometimes! We provide opinions as an additional service to attorneys who may not have easy access to the more obscure decisions by lower-level courts.

Who else uses your service?

Lawyers, private investigators, stock market analysts, and laymen. Lawyers use the service so that can copy the language of a Complaint in their own lawsuit (it saves time) and they learn the name of other lawyers who have filed similar suits. Lawyers frequently share information with each other, especially when they have the same defendant such as Wal-Mart. This enables them to anticipate defenses the other side will raise and how it is likely to obstruct the plaintiff getting to the truth. For example, in slip-and-fall cases involving Wal-Mart the videotapes of the incident are frequently "lost" by Wal-Mart. Stock market analysts use us to "check out" recent litigation involving companies they are studying. Let's say the company is involved in a lawsuit with a former employee. Sometimes this is an early warning sign of troubles in the company. Likewise, if the company has been sued by vendors - or has suits pending, that's another sign of possible trouble. Private investigators (paralegals and legal assistants) use us to gather information about similar cases. They are the arms and legs of law firms. Again, if a private investigator can find three or four cases involving the same thing, such as a defective product this is good ammunition to use before a jury.

What if I need more information than just the Complaint?

We can help with that. Send us an e-mail. But we suggest you use the Online Public Record Experts (www.brbpub.com) to locate a local service (or person) who can actually go to the court house and get the records. Expect to pay at least fifty dollars. Don't expect the staff at the Clerk's Office of the appropriate federal district court to help you. These offices are overwhelmed already and have faced budget cutbacks in recent years. They just don't have enough people available to get what you want, or if they do, it will take a long, long time to get it. Remember, the actual cost of what you want will be fifty cents per page, prepaid.

Who is really behind LawSuits Today!

The owner is Lewis Laska, a lawyer in Nashville, Tennessee. You can e-mail him at llaska@verdictslaska.com.